Au Coeur

de l'

appellation Brouilly

Since 1888 the Fessy family has been based in the heart of the Brouilly appellation.

Over the years they have purchased choice parcels of vineyards in most of the 10 Crus and the Beaujolais-Villages appellations to create the enviable domaine that we have today of nearly 70 hectares of prime vineyards.

Work in our vineyards is carried out with sensitivity and intelligence and we only intervene when necessary.

This philosophy allows us to produce highly characterful wines which express a real sense of place and origin. We offer the full range of Beaujolais wines from our own vineyards each expressing their own unique terroir.

Experience, tradition, respect and an in-depth knowledge of the Beaujolais vineyards go hand in hand making Henry Fessy a respected quality-driven domaine.

Depuis 1888

au coeur du "Paradis"

In 1888 a travelling salesman called Jean Pelissier decided to buy a parcel of Brouilly right in the heart of the "Paradis" vineyards on the Bel Air plateau. He joined forces with his son-in-law Henri Fessy with the objective of creating excellent wines.

During the second half of the 20th century, Jean and Henri's sons and grandsons succeeded in developing the company thanks to their exploration of vineyards beyond Brouilly.

To commemorate the centenary of the family winery, Henry and Serges, the founder's grandsons known for their generous moustaches, decided to immortalise their facial trademark as the company's official logo.

Following the company's purchase by Maison Louis Latour in 2008, owners of vineyards and the eponymous brand in Burgundy, a decision was taken to continue acquiring parcels of vineyards, primarily in the ten Beaujolais Crus.

La Vinification

partisan d'une méthode traditionnelle

Henry Fessy has remained faithful to the traditional method (no carbonic maceration) which favours the balance between the seductive fruit-forwardness and the supple tannins which guarantee good ageing capability.

The grapes are transported in small buckets to the winery, before being sorted, de-stemmed and then placed into cement and steel tanks for approximately a week.

The length of the fermentation depends considerably on the vintage. The wines will then age in vats for between 7 and 10 months before being bottled the following spring.

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Les Terroirs

Beaujolais & Maconnais

le beaujolais

Close to Lyon, the splendid Beaujolais region stretches from the Pierres Dorées in the south, to the Roche du Solutré at the border with the Mâcon area. With ten Crus, its twelve appellations show the perfect union between a granitic soil and a grape variety perfectly adapted to it.

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le maconnais

Paradise for Chardonnay, the Mâconnais area goes over 50 km in the south of the Côte d'Or, from Sennecey-le-Grand to Saint-Vérand. With contrasting landscape, alternating valley and steep cliff, this region offers elegant, rich and aromatic wines.

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